Thursday, December 8, 2011

Unconventional Holiday Albums: Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party

"I haven't had a drink, ooh baby, but I'm lit up like a Christmas tree"

At last! Another Christmas album, besides James Brown's 'Funky Christmas', with not a traditional Christmas song in sight! This fantastically funky and soulful compilation, to be released in the US on December 13th, is the result of a project started in 2010 by German record collector DJ Jan Kohlmeyer of Tramp Records, who assembled 13 rare, raw funk and soul tracks that have never been compiled, with an artist roster of relatively unknown names (a big "Eureka!" for bloggers like me!). With track titles like "Christmas Present Blues" and "Xmas Done Got Funky," this comp is guaranteed to shake yer hips all month and into next year! 

Vernon Garrett & Sir Stan and The Counts - "Merry Christmas, Baby"

Lee Rogers - "You Wont Have to Wait Till Xmas"

Rose Graham - "Black Christmas"

Binky Griptite - "Stone Soul Christmas"

Jimmy Jules & Nuclear Soul System - "Xmas Done Got Funky"

Both CD booklet and LP sleeve contain scans of all 45rpm single labels and extensive liner notes. The LP comes with a gatefold cover and is limited to 500 copies. 

You can purchase from Amazon or from the UK distributor, Kudos Records.

Happy Holidays, everyone!