Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dark Clouds, Vol. 5: An Ode To Winter

(still from the 1948 weeper, Portrait of Jennie, dir. William Dieterle)

Hi friends! So for months I've had the idea floating around for a wintery themed mix, but was waiting for the weather to get cold, rainy, windy, just super duper gnarly so I'd have some kind of inspiration to draw upon. And I'm still waiting! I should know by now, being a native/naive Californian, that not a chance in hell was Mother Nature gonna grant us such prolonged weather. We might as well be ground zero for global warming! Not that I don't mind one bit, but I'd one day love to stare sullenly out the window at a torrential storm or play in the snow like most normal kids do... not admire colorful, fiery sunsets from my 15th floor office building or shuffle around the beach in ironic graphic tees, BBQing, sipping icy Tecates at the end of January/beginning of February. Siiiigh. But I digress...

Oakland did get several hours of rain and apocalyptic-like fog last week. And for that, I was ever so grateful to use that precious time to assemble a slightly eclectic mix of seasonal moody tunes for you, opening with the predictably distressing "Lonely Winter" (a song later covered by the Bee Gees), and drawing to an optimistic close, finishing with the haunting yet encouraging chorus on "Need Some Sunshine." This mix is slightly distinguished from its Dark Clouds peers in 1) genre: garage rock reigns, but I had to throw in some soft/sunshiny, folk rock, and a Joe Meek production that were just too rad to pass, and 2) location: with the occasional Canadian exception, you might've noticed my unintentional sense of patriotism in past mixes. But for this one I've gone global (thanks to a newly renewed passport) - bowing down to England, Norway and Australia! 

01 Steve & the Board - "Lonely Winter" [Spin EL 31997] (1966) Sydney, AU
02 Hollie Helloms & the Rhythm Kings - "Don't Blame It On the Rain" [Major 1015] (196?) Waynesboro, VA
03 The Whether Bureau - "White and Frosty" [Laurie 3431] (1968) New York, NY
04 The Unrelated Segments - "It's Gonna Rain" [Liberty 55992] (1966) Detroit, MI
05 Nocturnal Day Dream - "Dark Dreary Night" [Unknown] (196?) U.S.A.
06 Firebeats Inc. - "This Rain" [His Master's Voice NCLP 5] (1966) Oslo, Norway
07 The Rainy Daze - "Snow and Ice and Burning Sand" [UNI 73002] (1967) Denver, CO
08 The Kasuals - "Listen to the Rain" [GMA 4] (1964) Chicago, IL
09 The Early Americans - "It's So Cold Outside" [Paris Tower 106] (1967) Tampa, FL
10 John Leyton - "Wild Wind" [Top Rank International JAR 585] (1961) Essex, UK
11 The Fredric - "Saturday Morning With Rain" [Forte 80461] (1968) Grand Rapids, MI
12 Jan & Lorraine - "Snow Roses" [ABCS 691] (1969) London, UK
13 Brigadune - "Misty Mornin'" [Verve VK 10655] (1971) Los Angeles, CA
14 The New Dawn - "It's Rainin'" [Garland GR 70-4569] (1970) Salem, OR
15 Teen Tones - "Long Cold Winter" [T&T 2487/8] (1964) South Bend, IN
16 The Sinners - "Only On A Rainy Day" [Craig 210] (1966) PA
17 Sunset Love - "Winter's Day" [Collectables 0665] (1968) Odessa, TX
18 The Rising Storm - "The Rain Falls Down" [Remnant BBA 3571] (1966) Andover, MA
19 Philamore Lincoln - "The North Wind Blew South" [Epic BN 26497] (1970) UK
20 The Ill Winds - "Fear of the Rain" [Reprise 0423] (1965) Los Angeles, CA
21 The Rock Garden - "The Wind Is My Keeper" [Revise 300] (1967) Camden, AR
22 Electric Train - "Thru Winter and Sunshine" [Moxie M 106] (196?) Marin County, CA
23 The Magic Mushrooms - "Let The Rain Be Me" [East Coast 1001] (1968) Philadelphia, PA
24 The Morning Dew - "Winter Dreams" [Audio House Acetate] (1966) Topeka, KS
25 The Omen & Their Luv - "Need Some Sunshine" [Daisy 4825] (196?) Tuscaloosa, AL

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Hope you enjoy! Feedback (be it good, bad, constructive, creepy, off-topic, etc.) is always welcome. Thanks!