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Dark Clouds: A Moody Garage Compilation - In Three Acts !

Sigh, cry, die! This series of comps focuses on the moody side of the 60's. For those of you who are new to the "garage rock" genre I'll give you a brief introduction:

"Garage rock" is a musical genre that was coined in late-70s to define the raw form of rock'n' roll that popularized the United States and Canada in the early to late 60s. Why is it called "Garage"? Because it was made in the garage? To some extent, yes. Many performers did often rehearse in their families garages with their cheap Sears-bought instruments. Most were young, very amateur and naive. Most themes centered around high school life and a certain deceitful girl. Lyrics and delivery were notably more passionate and aggressive than what was common for the time. And bands ranged from one-chord repetetiveness to near studio musician quality.

All of the songs you will find on the 'Dark Clouds' series never made the commercial charts, let alone the local/regional charts. In fact, the majority of 60s garage bands only released a few singles and then called it quits (or got drafted!). Besides a few exceptions, there were hardly any stars that emerged from the Garage rock heyday of the 1960s; although I believe their influence is still felt to the present day.

Dark Clouds, Vol. 1

01 The Peers - "Once Upon A Time" [Le Jac] (1966) Minneapolis, MN
02 Me & The Rest - "Dark Clouds" [Brass City] (196?) Waterbury, CT
03 The Cobras - "I'm Hurtin'" [Scoop] (1964) Santa Cruz, CA
04 The Driving Wheels - "One Year Ago Today" [Pan Am] (1966) San Antonio, TX
05 The Younts Bros., Inc. - "Love Is A Game" [Grey Ghost] (1967) U.S.A.
06 The Patriots - "As Fall The Leaves" [1776] (1966) Cedar Rapids, IA
07 The Great Society - "And I Know" [USA] (1966) Villa Park, IL
08 The Valiants - "Don't Make The Same Mistake" [Dot] (1966) U.S.A.
09 The Vandals - "Ballad Of A Loser" [Big Rock] (1965) Bradford, PA
10 The West Coast Branch - "Linda's Gone" [Valiant] (1966) Redondo Beach, CA
11 The Creation - "Sun And Stars" [Centrocord] (196?) U.S.A.
12 The Canoise - "Something I Could Do" [IGL] (1966) St. Cloud, MN
13 The Prophets - "Sad On Me" [Twin Spin] (1967) Chicago, IL
14 The Hangmen - "The Girl Who Faded Away" [Monument] (1966) Washington, D.C.
15 John Winfield, Jr. - "Laugh" [Dore] (1966) Los Angeles, CA
16 The Quarrymen - "Why" [Sara] (1966) East Dubuque, IL
17 Tresa Leigh - "Until Then" [Lyndell] (196?) PA
18 The Wild Flowers - "Moving Along With The Sun" [Aster] (1967) Phoenix, AZ
19 The Elegant Four - "Time To Say Goodbye" [Cousins] (1967) Bronx, NY
20 The Rocks - "My Only Love" [Woodrich] (1965) Nashville, TN
21 The Druids - "A Man Should Never Cry" [Columbia] (1965) Scranton, PA
22 The Decompressed Impossibility - "You Can't Ride Away" [Inevitable] (196?) U.S.A.
23 The Trodden Path - "Don't Follow Me" [Night Owl] (1967) Mequon, WI
24 The Hucksters - "It's So Hard" [Brutal] (196?) U.S.A.
25 $1,000,000 War Babies - "Hey Little Boy" [Dante] (1966) Chicago, IL
26 Dale & The Devonaires - "Come Back To Me" [IGL] (1967) Fort Dodge, IA
27 The Younger Brothers - "This Feelin' In My Heart" [Wendy] (1967) Statesboro, GA
28 The Kings Ransom - "Mistakes" [Integra] (1968) Allentown, PA
29 The Wind - "He Who Laughs Last (Laughs Best)" [Early Morning] (1966) Canoga Park, CA

Dark Clouds, Vol. 2

01 The Castaways - "Should Happen To Me" [Soma] (1967) Minneapolis, MN
02 The End - "Can't Get Free" [Northeast] (1967) Worcester, MA
03 The Birth Of Spring - "Cause You Lied To Me" [Mercury] (1967) U.S.A.
04 The Rationals - "Gave My Love" [A2] (1965) Ann Arbor, MI
05 The Counts - "Change Your Mind" [B-J] (1966) U.S.A.
06 Lindy Blaskey & The LaVelles - "Movin' Away" [Space] (1966) Albuquerque, NM
07 Steve Melshenker - "(I've Got) Time On My Hands" [Orlyn] (1967) Champaign, IL
08 The What Four - "Tossin' Ship" [Rollem] (1967) Little Neck, NY
09 The Shan Dels - "Please Stay" [Showcase] (1965) Levittown, NY
10 James T. & The Workers - "Let Me See You Crying" [Prophonics] (1967) Bay City, MI
11 The Fabulous Wunz - "If I Cry" [Pyramid] (1966) Charlotte, NC
12 Denny Provisor - "It Really Tears Me Up" [Valiant] (1965) Los Angeles, CA
13 The Emperor's - "And Then" [Sabra] (1965) San Bernardino, CA
14 Black & The Blues - "Another Day" [Rigby] (1966) Magnolia, NJ
15 The New Era - "Won't You Please Be My Friend" [Great Lakes] (1967) Grand Rapids, MI
16 The Moxies - "I Must Apologize" [Monza] (1965) Paducah, KY
17 Flowers, Fruits, & Pretty Things - "Wanting You" [GEP] (1968) Saginaw, MI
18 The Mysterions - "Why Should I Love You" [Jox] (1965) San Antonio, TX
19 The Fogcutters - "I Want Your Love Again" [Apex] (1965) Denver, CO
20 The Banshees - "Why" [Dunwich] (1966) Chicago, IL
21 The Rejects - "Down This Street Before" [Cabell] (1967) Richmond, VA
22 The Warlox - "You Can't Win" [Vermillion] (1967) Alexandria, VA
23 The Clue - "She's The Reason" [Byron] (1967) Midland, TX
24 The Devilles - "You've Made Up My Mind" [Kerry] (1966) Duluth, MN
25 The Missing Lynx - "(You Don't Love Me) Anymore" [Dynovoice] (1966) Cleveland, OH
26 The Rooney Brothers - "Just A Friend" [Columbia] (1968) Los Angeles, CA
27 The Brotherly Lovers - "I'm Gonna Cry" [Eskee] (1965) Philadelphia, PA
28 The Chateaus - "Summer Has Come And Gone" [Jam] (1966) Louisville, KY
29 Creation's Disciples - "I'll Remember" [Dawn] (1966) Bronx, NY

Dark Clouds, Vol. 3

01 Wally & The Rights - "Hey Now Little Girl" [GM] (1967) Gladewater, TX
02 The Blue Dells - "Trust Me" [Starfire] (196?) Cincinnati, OH
03 The Herd - "Sun Has Gone" [Octopus] (196?) East Lansing, MI
04 The Rogues - "Something Beautiful Is Dying" [Mirage] (1966) Dallas, TX
05 The Squiremen Four - "Bitter End" [Squire] (1967) Miami, FL
06 The Preachers - "Pain And Sorrow" [Moonglow] (1965) Los Angeles, CA
07 Bob & Gaylon - "It Belongs To You" [Ventural] (1966) Austin, TX
08 Exchequers - "Is There Some Girl" [Boom] (1965) La Crosse, WI
09 Me & The Other Guys - "I Don't Care" [Hinda] (1967) Centerville, OH
10 The Revolvers - "Like Me" [Ty Tex] (1966) Tyler, TX
11 The Reasons Why - "Why Pack Up" [Amy] (1966) Syosset, NY
12 The Bossmen - "Listen My Girl" [Unreleased] (1966) Flint, MI
13 The Barracudas - "Realize" [Flare] (1966) Bangor, ME
14 The Citations - "Now I'm Gone" [Tuscumbia] (1965) Tuscumbia, AL
15 The Ceeds - "You Won't Do That" [Emlar] (1966) Colorado Springs, CO
16 The Deverons - "Unnoticed" [Raynard] (1965) Milwaukee, WI
17 The Chantells - "I'm Leavin' Here Today" [Century] (196?) VA
18 The Immigrants - "I'm Feelin' Blue" [Starburst] (1966) Salina, KS
19 The Boss Blues - "Before The Dawn" [Direction] (1967) Danbury, CT
20 The Wonders - "Baby Come Back" [MMC] (1966) Omaha, NE
21 The Chessmen - "Sad" [Bismark] (1965) Dallas, TX
22 Neal Ford & The Fanatics - "I Have Thoughts Of You" [Hickory] (1967) Houston, TX
23 Art Guy - "Where You Gonna Go" [Valiant] (1967) Los Angeles, CA
24 The Ill Winds - "(I Won't Cry) So Be On Your Way" [Reprise] (1965) Santa Ana, CA
25 The 7th Seal - "Proud Reflections" [Justice] (1967) Bridgewater, VA
26 The Wild Things - "Love Comes, Love Goes" [Showboat] (1966) Santa Claus, IN
27 The Cornerstones - "You Rule Me" [Metrobeat] (1967] Grand Forks, ND
28 Bobby & Dave with The Royal Flairs - "Hat On Tie" [Tonorous] (196?) Council Bluffs, IA
29 The Sheffields - "Please Come Back" [Destination] (1966) Grand Rapids, MI
30 The Mynt Julep - "Rip Tide" [Ty] (196?) U.S.A.

Download Vol. 1 ----> HERE

Download Vol. 2 -----> HERE

Download Vol. 3------> HERE


Jeanpop2 said...

Arriba arriba !

Anonymous said...

I love you and I love your comps!!!!

MDS said...

Arriba arriba back atcha, JuanPapa !

And thanks for the love, anonymous admirer !

Poire said...

Highlight of the third volume, which is sunnier than the two firsts : "I Have Thoughts Of You" by Neal Ford & The Fanatics. A promenade on a swan-crafted ship. Followed by Sheffields, Revolvers and Squiremen Four. If darkest clouds were on 1, best tunes were on 2 and best sounds are on 3. Now will volume 4 deal with the real shit : hot mamaz with da boobies.
Yours, Jean-Pierre Paul-Poire.

Kevin Seal said...

Fucking badass, this. Where have the Driving Wheels been my whole life?

MDS said...

Kevin, they've been in San Antonio :)
Like many of the bands on these comps, they disbanded after one single !

Eric Teall said...

Where did you get the cut of The Sheffield's "Please Come Back To Me"? It sounds terrific! I'm interested in this because my dad was in the Sheffields (who are actually from Holland, MI, which is near GR) and I'm trying to compile the best sources of their singles that I can!

You can contact me at ericteall at gmail dot com. I'd really, really appreciate it.

Joe Talbot, said...

All three volumes are fantastic, but Vol. II may just be the greatest comp I've ever heard of moody garage.. a particular favorite of mine. Even the best comps only offer about 4 or 5 killer songs, but these are flooded with great tunes. Much obliged.

Selfishly hope to hear more soon. Your taste is supreme.

ronkleim said...

Love your site!
I collect sixties video:

Check out "66rules" on YOUTUBE

ronkleim said...
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Michelle said...

Oh man, I'm a huge fan of your vids! Awesome job on those! Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle the vol. 3 is offline with mediafire it's possible upload with zippyshare? thank you.

Max Myndblown said...

Hi Michelle,
I came across your comps a few days ago – while trying to locate that Valiants 45.

Dark Clouds Vol.1 is a really excellent selection with lots of uncomped tracks I'd not heard before.
Here's some more info for you...
02 Me & The Rest (1967)
11 The Creation – [Centurion] (October 1967) Albuquerque, NM.
13 The Prophets – recorded in Chicago, band from Desmoines, IA.
22 Decompressed Impossibility (1967)
Vol.2 addenda
03 The Birth Of Spring – Greenwich Village, NY.
05 The Counts – Nashville, TN. Better known as Tommy Burke & The Counts.
15 The New Era – formerly known as The Sheffields, from Holland MI.
Vol.3 addenda
02 The Blue Dells – (1967)
03 The Herd – (1967) Bethesda, MD.
17 The Chantells (1965) Richmond, VA.
28 Bobby Dave with The Royal Flairs – (1966)
30 Mynt Julep – (1969) Long Island, NY.

If interested, sign up to my Facebook account where I'm writing up my research on cool and obscure 45s in my collection that I didn't get to cover in the Fuzz, Acid and Flowers book.

Robert said...

I'm really enjoying these compilations...many thanks from me to you !

Anonymous said...

Wow, great find! The Hucksters on vol 1 dark clouds (24) was recorded in Harvey Illinois, by Jack Carey, Rich Wetzel and Mark Gifford from Tinley Park Illinois actually written in '69, recordered in '72. I know, I played drums on it! How did you find it?

Shopnerkotha said...

Dark Clouds, Vol. 3 is amazing. vol. 1 and 2 is also nice.but i don't know details track. Thank for hard working. The Garage band always gold.

Tony R said...

Do you have any further information and photos of the group “Me & The Rest”? I recall hearing their song “Dark Clouds”.

Richard Gumsley said...

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Richard Gumsley said...

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Anonymous said...

I love that the Chessmen are represented here as I have an unreleased acetate of them doing a song called “Dark Clouds.” I have a short sound clip up on Instagram if you’re interested in hearing it. 45fox