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Guest comp: Rascalized ! by Jeanpop2

Rascals-inflected cuts and other garage soul delights from the godlike Jeanpop2. Listen to (or podcast) his rad radio show every Wednesday from 8:30PM-10:00PM French time (11:30AM-1:00PM PST) here !

01 Giant Crab - "It Started With A Little Kiss" (1967) Santa Barbara, CA
02 The Buckinghams - "Love Ain't Enough" (1966) Chicago, IL
03 The Caravelles - "Self-Service" (1966) Phoenix, AZ

04 Little Willie & The Adolescents - "Looking For Love" (1967) Orlando, FL
05 The Myddle Class - "Who Does He Love" (196?) Summit, NJ

06 Five Cards Stud - "Beg Me" (1967) New Haven, CT
07 The Hassles - "Every Step I Take (Every Move I Make)" (1967) New York, NY

08 The Vagrants - "I Can't Make A Friend" (1966) Forest Hills, NY
09 The Solitary Confinement - "A Winner Never Quits" (1968) Detroit, MI
10 Aesop's Fables - "Take A Step" (1967) Hampstead, NY
11 The Soul Survivors - "Expressway To Your Heart" (1967) Philadelphia, PA
12 The Illusion - "I Love You, Yes I Do" (1969) Long Island, NY
13 The Uniques - "I'll Do Anything" (1967) Springhill, LA
14 Daze Between - "Every Little Raindrop" (1967) New York, NY
15 The Warlox - "You Can't Win" (1967) Alexandria, VA

16 The Bad Boys - "Love" (1966) Frederick, MD
17 The 5c Stamp - "Gotta' Go Now" (1968) Eastaboga, AL
18 The Five Emprees - "Mama Didn't Know" (1966) Benton Harbor, MI

19 Larry Knight & The Upsetters - "Hurt Me" (1966) Detroit, MI
20 The Bougalieu - "When I Was A Children" (1967) Albany, NY
21 Soul, Inc. - "Love Me When I'm Down" (1968) Louisville, KY

22 The Blue Beats - "Extra Girl" (1966) Danbury, CT
23 The Spectrums - "I'll Never Fear" (1966) Newark, NJ
24 Gary & The Knight Lites - "I Don't Need Your Help" (1966) Cicero, IL
25 The Yo Yo's - "Leaning On You" (196?) Memphis, TN

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Mini-comp: Unconventional Instruments Of The 60s: The Autoharp

Inspired by Mark Brend’s, ‘Strange Sounds: Offbeat Instruments And Sonic Experiments In Pop,’ (a fantastic read!), this hopefully reoccurring series of blog posts will focus on strange and unusual instruments used by pop, psych, garage, and soul artists during the 60s (and, in rare cases, the early-70s). Most of the artists in Brend’s book profile bigger names and their hit records. I plan to stay true to my primary intention of this blog, and continue to showcase the underrated/under-appreciated/obscure. So let’s kick off this series with the autoharp!!


The autoharp is a fairly recent invention as far as musical instruments go. While there is actually some debate about the exact year the autoharp was invented, it was definitely sometime in the late 1800's. Some sources give Zimmermann credit for his 1871 patent of the idea for the autoharp. Other sources say that Gutter should get the credit for his 1883 patent and creation of the instrument (or rather, something somewhat similar to today's autoharps). 

What is an autoharp? 

Basically, an autoharp is a chorded zither. It is a stringed instrument that normally is made up of 36 strings (although, this number varies as there are several custom instruments out there of all kinds of specifications). A typical store bought autoharp will have 15 or 21 chords. Some of the older factory made autoharps may have only 12 chords. The exact chords used and the arrangements of the chords vary depending on the manufacturer. Many autoharpists change the chord bars around to an arrangement that best suits their needs. These chord bars dampen the strings that are not in the chord (using felt) so that you can easily play the desired chords on your autoharp. While the autoharp is not actually a true harp, it can certainly produce some beautiful harp-like sounds. 

What can you do with an autoharp? 

If you've ever even heard an autoharp before, chances are that you heard someone doing some simple strumming on one. The autoharp is great for strumming chords because you don't even need to know what notes are in each chord to be able to strum the chords. However, there is so much more you can do with an autoharp. The autoharp can function as a rhythm instrument in a band. You can also play melody on an autoharp, which is something that most people don't realize. Even though the autoharp is essentially a chord instrument, you have to remember that chords are in fact made up of individual notes. These individual notes can be picked out so that you can play beautiful melodies and even back yourself up with some chords. 

How do you play the autoharp? 

There are several different styles of playing the autoharp. This instrument does not have as many boundaries as say, a flute or violin. The autoharp can be played on a table or your lap. You can play the autoharp cross-handed or if you don't want to cross your hands, you don't have to. You can play the strings above or below the chord bars, your choice. If you don't want to play the autoharp laying flat, you can also hold it upright and play it Appalachian style, with or without a strap. You can stand up or sit down and play the autoharp. Some autoharpists use fingerpicks, others use flatpicks. Some people prefer to use their fingernails or even their bare fingertips to play the autoharp. If you look for an autoharp video on YouTube, you will see a huge variety in styles. Many people just play accompaniment, but there are still many different picking and strumming styles to choose from. Others play melody, but some use the chorded method while others use open noting. If you're tired of sticking to other people's rules on how to learn an instrument, the autoharp is for you. No rules, no boundaries, just fun and music.

Okay, so who's actually played the autoharp? 
Autoharps have been used in the United States as bluegrass and folk instruments, perhaps most famously by Maybelle Carter and Sara Carter of the Carter Family. The instrument was then introduced to mainstream pop audiences in 1964 when the Lovin’ Spoonful’s John Sebastian started experimenting with unusual sound combinations: “I played autoharp and knew it had never been used on a pop record. I'd been screwing around with the idea of taping a ukulele contact microphone to the back of the autoharp, and hearing its amplified sound was a real ‘Eureka’ moment. I realized instantly that this could be the heart of a new sound.”

Other bands like the Monkees and Rolling Stones followed their lead and featured the autoharp on several of their own recordings.

But what about psych... pop... SOUL? What? Yes to all! Download this mini comp (link below), and listen to these brilliant songs where the autoharp play a predominant, memorable or inspirational role:

01 The Electric Prunes – “Big City”

Previously recorded by San Jose’s The E-Types, “Big City”
is one of the more popier tracks put out by this experimental psych band. The ethereal autoharp is played by James Lowe, who also sang lead and played harmonica and guitar. 

02 Every Mother’s Son – “I Believe In You”
Monkees-style pop band who had a Top-Ten hit in the U.S. in ’67 with “Come On Down To My Boat.” But they unfortunately lost their notoriety after the release of their second album, and dissipated by ’69. “I Believe In You,” from their first album features gentle autoharp from vocalist and guitarist, Larry Larden. 

03 The Merry-Go-Round – “Time Will Show The Wiser”
This pop band who was well known for producing singer/songwriter Emitt Rhodes, released only one album in ’67. “Live,” the first single from their album, became a huge hit in LA. “Time Will Show The Wiser” was the b-side, featuring overdubbed autoharp played by producer, Larry Marks, became somewhat well known too, as the Fairport Convention cut a version on their 1968 debut album.

04 The Mystery Trend – “House On The Hill”
One of the more overlooked bands of the San Francisco music scene. But rather than mindless jamming or trip-outs, they were more interested in putting out well-crafted pop songs, recalling Burt Bacharach or Brill Building. “House On The Hill,” one of their exceptionally strong pieces, features electric autoharp.

05 Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours – “Mirror Mirror”
They were one of the first groups in Britain to use an amplified autoharp (following the success of The Lovin' Spoonful in the States). They were signed to Decca Records in late 1965 and recorded "Mirror, Mirror", which became a No. 8 British hit in 1966. Autoharp player Samuel ("Pinkerton") Kemp was also a vocalist in the band.

06 The Golden Earrings – “Daddy Buy Me A Girl”
More known for their countless hits during the 70s ("Radar Love") and 80s ("Twilight Zone,” "When The Lady Smiles"), the electric autoharp kicks off “Daddy Buy Me A Girl,” their second hit single released in the summer of ’66.

07 The Avengers – “Everyone’s Gonna Wonder”
Considered by many to be the finest pop song to be recorded in the 1960s in New Zealand. This song comes off their first album, after hooking up with US hippie hitch-hiker Chris Malcolm who went on to write over half of the songs on this record, playing and singing his tunes to the band on his autoharp. The band went on to become one of the biggest local sensations of the late 60s, releasing seven 45s and three LPs in their two year period of fame.

08 The Folklords – “Jennifer Lee”
This Canadian band released one album in ’68 then disappeared into obscurity. “Jennifer Lee” is like most of the songs on the album: a nice piece of folk/sunshine pop with resonant autoharp and guitar. 

09 Hearts And Flowers – “10,000 Sunsets”
This band was among a handful of '60s groups to turn out stellar major-label releases to little or no acclaim, and only faint memory among the few who heard them at the time. Their two Capitol albums of West Coast country-inflected folk-rock predated or paralleled many. Their eerie cover of Hoyt Axton’s, “10,000 Sunsets,” was one of the many Hearts And Flowers songs featuring singer and guitarist Dave Dawson's hypnotic use of the autoharp. 

10 Michaelangelo – “Son (We've Kept the Room Just the Way You Left It)”
Yet another band who only recorded one album. Sounding more like a record from the late '60s than the early '70s, its folk-rock-psychedelic blend was unusual for prominently featuring the autoharp of Angel Autoharp (as she's billed on the record), which sometimes functioned much as a lead guitar or organ would within a rock lineup.

11 The Charlatans – “We’re Not On The Same Trip”
The first on the scene of the 60s San Francisco psychedelic rock bands. With most of their songs written by Dan Hicks, his classic anthem of hippie relationship ennui, "We're Not On The Same Trip" (with band founder, George Hunter, on autoharp), should have had the success he envisioned for it. The Charlatans were not fated to get swept up in the massive SF Band Signings by major labels in the 60s.

12 The Lewis & Clarke Expedition – “Freedom Bird”
Originally from Dallas, Texas, Travis Lewis (aka Michael Martin Murphey) was a passing acquaintance of Mike Nesmith. The connection helped Murphey and songwriting partner, Boomer Clarke, place one of their compositions "Hangin' Round" with the Monkees, in the process bringing them to the attention of Colgems which quickly recognized their potential and signed them to a recording contract. Produced by Jack Keller and built around the talent of Lewis and Clarke (the line up rounded out by multi-instrumentalist (autoharp included) Ken Bloom, guitarist John London and drummer Johnny Raines) actually debuted with an instantly obscure 1966 single for the small Chartmaster label. While parallels to The Monkees were apparent, there were also some major difference; notably the fact the band were all capable musicians and namesakes Lewis and Clarke were responsible for the majority of material. That said, their debut was easily as good as anything in The Monkees catalogue. Unfortunately, with Colgems devoting most of his energy to marketing The Monkees, neither the band nor the LP had much in the way of promotional support. Needless to say, it failed to chart.

13 George Edwards – “Never Mind, I'm Freezing”
Ex-folk troubadour who cut a solo 45 for Dunwich Records. Directly after recording “Never Mind, I’m Freezing, “he sang backup on the Shadows Of Knight album, ‘Gloria.’ He continued to work at Dunwich as an in-house session vocalist before he joined H.P. Lovecraft in February 1967.

14 The M.H. Royals – “She's Gone Forever”
Chicago area band who recorded two fine garage 45’s. Any more info would be greatly appreciated.

15 The Dutch Masters – “You're Nearby Me”
An experimentally daring group with a proto-punk attitude. They started off as backing vocalists for My Records label-owner, Earl Denton. They continued on their own and recorded two solid 45’s.

16 Diamond Joe – “Fair Play”
The inspiration for this blog series, “Fair Play” is one of the great lost soul songs of the 60’s. Never discovered, not even comped, it probably never even had any airplay outside of New Orleans. With brilliant arrangements by Allen Toussaint and heart-wrenching vocals by Diamond Joe, this is probably the only soul/R&B record to feature autoharp (?) A masterpiece !!

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Collaboration: Big Town Boys - The Toronto Sound (1963-76), by MJH & MDS

Ohh Canada!

Myself and Michael J. Hawkins present 'Big Town Boys,' dedicated to Toronto's rad music scene from the early 60's - mid 70's. Enjoy!

01 The Secrets - "Cryin' Over Her" (1966)
02 The Underworld - "Love 22" (1968)
03 A Passing Fancy - "I Believe In Sunshine" (1967)
04 The Quiet Jungle - "Ship Of Dreams" (1967)
05 Stitch In Tyme - "Point Of View" (1966)
06 The 5 Rising Sons - "She Just Likes Me" (1966)
07 The Fringe - "Token For My Mind" (1968)
08 The Threads Of Fybre - "Believe Me" (1967)
09 The Canadian Squires - "Leave Me Alone" (1965)
10 Levon & The Hawks - "He Don't Love You" (1965)
11 The Ugly Ducklings - "That's Just A Thought That I Had In My Mind" (1966)
12 The Magic Cycle - "It Was You" (1967)
13 The Big Town Boys - "It Was I" (1965)
14 The Five Shy - "Try To Be Happy" (1968)
15 The Scarlet Ribbon - "Four In The Morning" (1968)
16 The Berries - "Night Winds" (1965)
17 The Shays - "This Hour Has Seven Days" (1966)
18 (Those) Rogues - "Wish I Could See You Again" (196?)
19 East African Fair - "I Won't Stare" (196?)
20 East African Fair - "Lovin' Every Little Thing You Do" (196?)
21 Little Caesar & The Consols - "If (I Found A New Girl)" (1963)
22 Ronnie Hawkins - "It's Alright" (1976)
23 R. Dean Taylor - "Indiana Wants Me" (1970)

Feedback is always welcom. Thanks!

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Guest comp: Daydreaming In The Garage, by Jeanpop2

A mighty fine set of 60's dreamy (yet not psychedelic) garage tunes !!!

01 The Distant Sounds - "Dreamin'"
02 The Amoebas - "Look At The Moon"
03 The Knights Of The Road - "Do You Really Care"
04 Michael - "Gotta Make My Heart Turn Away"
05 Carol with The Omens - "September"
06 Me & The Other Guys - "Runaround Girl"
07 We The People - "(You Are) The Color Of Love"
08 The Magic Sounds - "I'm In Love With You"
09 Fox & The Huntah's - "Funny Kinda Day"
10 Jack London & The Sparrows - "Sparrows And Daisies"
11 Friends Of The Family - "Blue Boat Makes Me Sad"
12 The Five Americans - "Tell Ann I Love Her"
13 The Deverons - "Blue Is The Night"
14 Mavricks - "Trains"
15 Forbidden - "How Do You Prove"
16 Shades Of Blue - "Oh How Happy"
17 Book - "Where She's Gone"
18 The Light Brigade - "Won't You Tell Me"
19 United Travel Service - "Like Me"
20 The Kasuals - "Listen To The Rain"
21 Mike & The Ravens - "Living In A Dream"

Download 'Daydreaming In The Garage' -----> HERE !!
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Cool Ones! Tuff Sounds From The 60s

"You're almost tough!"

01 The Shag - "Stop & Listen" [Capitol] (1967) Milwaukee, WI
02 Sounds Unlimited - "Cool One" [WSAL] (196?) NC
03 Roy Head - "You're (Almost) Tuff" [Backbeat] (1967) Houston, TX
04 The Dynasty - "I've Gotta Shout" [Royal Court] (1966) Superior, WI
05 Joey Day - "The Chase" [Rust] (1967) IN
06 The Bold - "Gotta Get Some" [Cameo] (1966) Springfield, MA
07 The Rock Garden - "You Got Me Signed" [Acetate] (1967) Camden, AR
08 Hidden Charms - "The Hill" [Norton] (196?) Washington, DC
09 The Hysterics - "Won't Get Far" [Tottenham] (1965) San Bernardino, CA
10 Danny Burk & The Invaders - "Ain't Goin' Nowhere" [Ara] (1966) Memphis, TN
11 The Grifs - "Catch A Ride" [5-D] (1967) Charlotte, NC
12 The Trashmen - "Same Lines" [Tribe] (1966) Minneapolis, MN
13 The Free Thinkers - "You Were Born For Me" [Mala] (1965) Toronto, Cananda
14 'The Wild Angels' - Movie Promo Spot (excerpt)
15 The Hands Of Time with Davie Allan & The Arrows - "Blues Theme (vocal)" [Tower] (1967) CA
16 The Charles - "Motorcycle" [Calliope] (1966) Rochester, NY
17 Everybody's Children - "Number 1 Lover" [Sidewalk] (1967) CA
18 Jeannie, Jim, Tom, Bill - "Silly Whim" [No label] (1965) MN
19 The Shane - "Don't Turn Me Off" [Brent] (1965) CA
20 Marcus - "The Life Game" [Unreleased] (196?) Philadelphia, PA
21 Tino & The Revlons - "Lotta Lotta Lovin'" [Dearborn] (1966) Detroit, MI
22 Randy Hobbs - "You Better Run" [Gator] (1960) Winchester, IN
23 The Daze Of The Week - "One Night Stand" [Piece] (1966) Tacoma, WA
24 The Rooks - "Gimme A Break" [Mustang] (1965) Tacoma, WA
25 The Glass Family - "Teenage Rebellion" [Sidewalk] (1967) Los Angeles, CA
26 The Real List - "Pick Up The Marbles" [CP] (1966) PA
27 The Syndicate - "Love Will Take Away" [Dore] (1965) Los Angeles, CA

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60s Garage Legends: Jokers Wild

Jokers Wild
Years active: 1967-69
Origin: Minneapolis, MN
Gene Balabon, lead guitar; Pete Huber, drums; Dave Wagner, lead vocals; Denny Johnson, bass; Dave Middlemist, keyboards; Bill Jordan, lead guitar; Greg Spring, keyboards; Lonnie Knight, lead vocals, lead guitar; Dale Strength, second lead guitar; Danny Kane, guitar

Jokers Wild was most likely another group formed with their sights on recording and eventual stardom. They could rightly be nicknamed "The Incredibly Shrinking Group," as they began as a six-piece outfit, dropped one guy to five, and ended up as a trio for their final recordings.
In November of 1965 Dave Wagner was bassist for a group called The Arrdvarks. As they were breaking up, Dave called Denny Johnson and asked him to be the bass player for a new band he was starting along with fellow Arrdvark, Gene Balabon. They picked up drummer Pete Huber from a band called The Gremmies. They still needed another member to fill out the band. Denny remembered a guitar/keyboard player he had worked with earlier, Dave Middlemist, from the band The Cavaliers.
They played their first job as The New Gremmies, later to be called The Chord On Blues, and then The Scoundrels. One night Dave Wagner was playing cards with friends, including Donnie Larson (of The Underbeats). Donnie suggested to chance the band name to Jokers Wild. And from then on the name stuck with them.
Eleven months later, Gene Balabon left the band and was replaced by Bill Jordan on lead guitar. Four months later, Dave Wagner and Dave Middlemist left to start a new band, The South 40 (later called Crow). The remaining members enlisted the Illusions keyboardist, Greg Spring, and after trying several singers they got Lonnie Knight from the Rave-Ons. After six months Bill Jordan left to join a country band and Lonnie Knight became the lead player for Jokers Wild. They added Dale Strength from The City Strangers on second lead guitar. But he left after six weeks. Danny Kane of the Stillroven joined the band and left after three weeks. Three months later Greg Springer left, and the band was down to three members. Six months later Lonnie Knight and Greg Springer both joined The Litter and went to Chicago, only to re-join the Jokers Wild six weeks later ! Greg left the band again four weeks later. Finally in the fall of 1969, after a chaotic (to say the least) ten months, the Jokers Wild were no more. Phew !
By far the most experimental of all the acts on the great Metrobeat label, Jokers Wild was also the most well-represented by vinyl releases.

Their singles:
All I See Is You [Metrobeat 4451] (1967)
I Just Can't Explain It [Metrobeat 4451] (1967)
Because I'm Free [Peak 4456] (1968)
Sunshine [Peak 4456] (1968)

And the unreleased cut:
All The World's A Copper Penny

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dark Clouds: A Moody Garage Compilation - In Three Acts !

Sigh, cry, die! This series of comps focuses on the moody side of the 60's. For those of you who are new to the "garage rock" genre I'll give you a brief introduction:

"Garage rock" is a musical genre that was coined in late-70s to define the raw form of rock'n' roll that popularized the United States and Canada in the early to late 60s. Why is it called "Garage"? Because it was made in the garage? To some extent, yes. Many performers did often rehearse in their families garages with their cheap Sears-bought instruments. Most were young, very amateur and naive. Most themes centered around high school life and a certain deceitful girl. Lyrics and delivery were notably more passionate and aggressive than what was common for the time. And bands ranged from one-chord repetetiveness to near studio musician quality.

All of the songs you will find on the 'Dark Clouds' series never made the commercial charts, let alone the local/regional charts. In fact, the majority of 60s garage bands only released a few singles and then called it quits (or got drafted!). Besides a few exceptions, there were hardly any stars that emerged from the Garage rock heyday of the 1960s; although I believe their influence is still felt to the present day.

Dark Clouds, Vol. 1

01 The Peers - "Once Upon A Time" [Le Jac] (1966) Minneapolis, MN
02 Me & The Rest - "Dark Clouds" [Brass City] (196?) Waterbury, CT
03 The Cobras - "I'm Hurtin'" [Scoop] (1964) Santa Cruz, CA
04 The Driving Wheels - "One Year Ago Today" [Pan Am] (1966) San Antonio, TX
05 The Younts Bros., Inc. - "Love Is A Game" [Grey Ghost] (1967) U.S.A.
06 The Patriots - "As Fall The Leaves" [1776] (1966) Cedar Rapids, IA
07 The Great Society - "And I Know" [USA] (1966) Villa Park, IL
08 The Valiants - "Don't Make The Same Mistake" [Dot] (1966) U.S.A.
09 The Vandals - "Ballad Of A Loser" [Big Rock] (1965) Bradford, PA
10 The West Coast Branch - "Linda's Gone" [Valiant] (1966) Redondo Beach, CA
11 The Creation - "Sun And Stars" [Centrocord] (196?) U.S.A.
12 The Canoise - "Something I Could Do" [IGL] (1966) St. Cloud, MN
13 The Prophets - "Sad On Me" [Twin Spin] (1967) Chicago, IL
14 The Hangmen - "The Girl Who Faded Away" [Monument] (1966) Washington, D.C.
15 John Winfield, Jr. - "Laugh" [Dore] (1966) Los Angeles, CA
16 The Quarrymen - "Why" [Sara] (1966) East Dubuque, IL
17 Tresa Leigh - "Until Then" [Lyndell] (196?) PA
18 The Wild Flowers - "Moving Along With The Sun" [Aster] (1967) Phoenix, AZ
19 The Elegant Four - "Time To Say Goodbye" [Cousins] (1967) Bronx, NY
20 The Rocks - "My Only Love" [Woodrich] (1965) Nashville, TN
21 The Druids - "A Man Should Never Cry" [Columbia] (1965) Scranton, PA
22 The Decompressed Impossibility - "You Can't Ride Away" [Inevitable] (196?) U.S.A.
23 The Trodden Path - "Don't Follow Me" [Night Owl] (1967) Mequon, WI
24 The Hucksters - "It's So Hard" [Brutal] (196?) U.S.A.
25 $1,000,000 War Babies - "Hey Little Boy" [Dante] (1966) Chicago, IL
26 Dale & The Devonaires - "Come Back To Me" [IGL] (1967) Fort Dodge, IA
27 The Younger Brothers - "This Feelin' In My Heart" [Wendy] (1967) Statesboro, GA
28 The Kings Ransom - "Mistakes" [Integra] (1968) Allentown, PA
29 The Wind - "He Who Laughs Last (Laughs Best)" [Early Morning] (1966) Canoga Park, CA

Dark Clouds, Vol. 2

01 The Castaways - "Should Happen To Me" [Soma] (1967) Minneapolis, MN
02 The End - "Can't Get Free" [Northeast] (1967) Worcester, MA
03 The Birth Of Spring - "Cause You Lied To Me" [Mercury] (1967) U.S.A.
04 The Rationals - "Gave My Love" [A2] (1965) Ann Arbor, MI
05 The Counts - "Change Your Mind" [B-J] (1966) U.S.A.
06 Lindy Blaskey & The LaVelles - "Movin' Away" [Space] (1966) Albuquerque, NM
07 Steve Melshenker - "(I've Got) Time On My Hands" [Orlyn] (1967) Champaign, IL
08 The What Four - "Tossin' Ship" [Rollem] (1967) Little Neck, NY
09 The Shan Dels - "Please Stay" [Showcase] (1965) Levittown, NY
10 James T. & The Workers - "Let Me See You Crying" [Prophonics] (1967) Bay City, MI
11 The Fabulous Wunz - "If I Cry" [Pyramid] (1966) Charlotte, NC
12 Denny Provisor - "It Really Tears Me Up" [Valiant] (1965) Los Angeles, CA
13 The Emperor's - "And Then" [Sabra] (1965) San Bernardino, CA
14 Black & The Blues - "Another Day" [Rigby] (1966) Magnolia, NJ
15 The New Era - "Won't You Please Be My Friend" [Great Lakes] (1967) Grand Rapids, MI
16 The Moxies - "I Must Apologize" [Monza] (1965) Paducah, KY
17 Flowers, Fruits, & Pretty Things - "Wanting You" [GEP] (1968) Saginaw, MI
18 The Mysterions - "Why Should I Love You" [Jox] (1965) San Antonio, TX
19 The Fogcutters - "I Want Your Love Again" [Apex] (1965) Denver, CO
20 The Banshees - "Why" [Dunwich] (1966) Chicago, IL
21 The Rejects - "Down This Street Before" [Cabell] (1967) Richmond, VA
22 The Warlox - "You Can't Win" [Vermillion] (1967) Alexandria, VA
23 The Clue - "She's The Reason" [Byron] (1967) Midland, TX
24 The Devilles - "You've Made Up My Mind" [Kerry] (1966) Duluth, MN
25 The Missing Lynx - "(You Don't Love Me) Anymore" [Dynovoice] (1966) Cleveland, OH
26 The Rooney Brothers - "Just A Friend" [Columbia] (1968) Los Angeles, CA
27 The Brotherly Lovers - "I'm Gonna Cry" [Eskee] (1965) Philadelphia, PA
28 The Chateaus - "Summer Has Come And Gone" [Jam] (1966) Louisville, KY
29 Creation's Disciples - "I'll Remember" [Dawn] (1966) Bronx, NY

Dark Clouds, Vol. 3

01 Wally & The Rights - "Hey Now Little Girl" [GM] (1967) Gladewater, TX
02 The Blue Dells - "Trust Me" [Starfire] (196?) Cincinnati, OH
03 The Herd - "Sun Has Gone" [Octopus] (196?) East Lansing, MI
04 The Rogues - "Something Beautiful Is Dying" [Mirage] (1966) Dallas, TX
05 The Squiremen Four - "Bitter End" [Squire] (1967) Miami, FL
06 The Preachers - "Pain And Sorrow" [Moonglow] (1965) Los Angeles, CA
07 Bob & Gaylon - "It Belongs To You" [Ventural] (1966) Austin, TX
08 Exchequers - "Is There Some Girl" [Boom] (1965) La Crosse, WI
09 Me & The Other Guys - "I Don't Care" [Hinda] (1967) Centerville, OH
10 The Revolvers - "Like Me" [Ty Tex] (1966) Tyler, TX
11 The Reasons Why - "Why Pack Up" [Amy] (1966) Syosset, NY
12 The Bossmen - "Listen My Girl" [Unreleased] (1966) Flint, MI
13 The Barracudas - "Realize" [Flare] (1966) Bangor, ME
14 The Citations - "Now I'm Gone" [Tuscumbia] (1965) Tuscumbia, AL
15 The Ceeds - "You Won't Do That" [Emlar] (1966) Colorado Springs, CO
16 The Deverons - "Unnoticed" [Raynard] (1965) Milwaukee, WI
17 The Chantells - "I'm Leavin' Here Today" [Century] (196?) VA
18 The Immigrants - "I'm Feelin' Blue" [Starburst] (1966) Salina, KS
19 The Boss Blues - "Before The Dawn" [Direction] (1967) Danbury, CT
20 The Wonders - "Baby Come Back" [MMC] (1966) Omaha, NE
21 The Chessmen - "Sad" [Bismark] (1965) Dallas, TX
22 Neal Ford & The Fanatics - "I Have Thoughts Of You" [Hickory] (1967) Houston, TX
23 Art Guy - "Where You Gonna Go" [Valiant] (1967) Los Angeles, CA
24 The Ill Winds - "(I Won't Cry) So Be On Your Way" [Reprise] (1965) Santa Ana, CA
25 The 7th Seal - "Proud Reflections" [Justice] (1967) Bridgewater, VA
26 The Wild Things - "Love Comes, Love Goes" [Showboat] (1966) Santa Claus, IN
27 The Cornerstones - "You Rule Me" [Metrobeat] (1967] Grand Forks, ND
28 Bobby & Dave with The Royal Flairs - "Hat On Tie" [Tonorous] (196?) Council Bluffs, IA
29 The Sheffields - "Please Come Back" [Destination] (1966) Grand Rapids, MI
30 The Mynt Julep - "Rip Tide" [Ty] (196?) U.S.A.

Download Vol. 1 ----> HERE

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Friday, April 3, 2009

My first compilation: Southern California folk-rock

Blue Byrds Over The Canyon:
Southern California’s Folk-Rock UnScene (1965-71)

01 Dave & The Customs - "He Was A Friend Of Mine" [DAC] (1965) Pomona
02 Lyme & Cybelle - "Follow Me" [White Whale] (1966) Los Angeles
03 The Psychedelic Psymphony - "Don't Be Afraid" [Arcania International] (1965) Los Angeles
04 The Dovers - "She's Gone" [Miramar] (1965) Santa Barbara
05 East Side Kids - "Take A Look In The Mirror" [Orange Empire] (1967) East Los Angeles
06 Hamilton Streetcar - "Silver Wings" [Dot] (1969) Los Angeles
07 The Agents - "Gotta Help Me" [Rally] (1965) Los Angeles
08 The F.B.I. - "What Am I To Do" [Unreleased] (1965) Los Angeles
09 Stone Country - "Time Isn't There (Anymore)" [RCA] (1968) Los Angeles
10 The Hard Times - "Goodbye" [World Pacific] (1966) San Diego
11 Thorinshield - "Pleasure Time" [Philips] (1967) Los Angeles
12 Brigadune - "I'll Cry Out From My Grave (God I'm Sorry)" [Verve] (1971) Los Angeles
13 American Zoo - "Back Street Thoughts" [Reena] (1967) Los Angeles
14 The Edge - "Seen Through The Eyes" [Enith] (1969) Los Angeles
15 Rick Jarrard - "High Coin" [Chattahoochie] (196?) Los Angeles
16 The Palace Guard - "Oh Blue (The Way I Feel Tonight)" [Orange Empire] (1966) Los Angeles
17 The Black Sleep - "I'm Feeling Down" [Columbia] (1967) La Cañada
18 The Roosters - "You Gotta Run" [Progressive Sounds Of America] (1966) Los Angeles
19 The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - "Transparent Day" [Reprise] (1967) Los Angeles
20 Peter Fonda - "Catch The Wind" [Chisa] (1967) Hollywood
21 The Cascades - "She'll Love Again" [Liberty] (1965) Los Angeles
22 The Answers - "Please Please Go Away" [Blue Boy] (1965) San Bernardino
23 Chris & Craig - "I Need You" [Capitol] (1966) Los Angeles
24 Spider & The Mustangs - "You Ask Me Why" [Sands] (1966) Hemet
25 The Yankee Dollar - "Mucky Truckee River" [Dot] (1969) San Louis Obispo

Download 'Blue Byrds Over The Canyon' -----> HERE