Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cool Ones! Tuff Sounds From The 60s

"You're almost tough!"

01 The Shag - "Stop & Listen" [Capitol] (1967) Milwaukee, WI
02 Sounds Unlimited - "Cool One" [WSAL] (196?) NC
03 Roy Head - "You're (Almost) Tuff" [Backbeat] (1967) Houston, TX
04 The Dynasty - "I've Gotta Shout" [Royal Court] (1966) Superior, WI
05 Joey Day - "The Chase" [Rust] (1967) IN
06 The Bold - "Gotta Get Some" [Cameo] (1966) Springfield, MA
07 The Rock Garden - "You Got Me Signed" [Acetate] (1967) Camden, AR
08 Hidden Charms - "The Hill" [Norton] (196?) Washington, DC
09 The Hysterics - "Won't Get Far" [Tottenham] (1965) San Bernardino, CA
10 Danny Burk & The Invaders - "Ain't Goin' Nowhere" [Ara] (1966) Memphis, TN
11 The Grifs - "Catch A Ride" [5-D] (1967) Charlotte, NC
12 The Trashmen - "Same Lines" [Tribe] (1966) Minneapolis, MN
13 The Free Thinkers - "You Were Born For Me" [Mala] (1965) Toronto, Cananda
14 'The Wild Angels' - Movie Promo Spot (excerpt)
15 The Hands Of Time with Davie Allan & The Arrows - "Blues Theme (vocal)" [Tower] (1967) CA
16 The Charles - "Motorcycle" [Calliope] (1966) Rochester, NY
17 Everybody's Children - "Number 1 Lover" [Sidewalk] (1967) CA
18 Jeannie, Jim, Tom, Bill - "Silly Whim" [No label] (1965) MN
19 The Shane - "Don't Turn Me Off" [Brent] (1965) CA
20 Marcus - "The Life Game" [Unreleased] (196?) Philadelphia, PA
21 Tino & The Revlons - "Lotta Lotta Lovin'" [Dearborn] (1966) Detroit, MI
22 Randy Hobbs - "You Better Run" [Gator] (1960) Winchester, IN
23 The Daze Of The Week - "One Night Stand" [Piece] (1966) Tacoma, WA
24 The Rooks - "Gimme A Break" [Mustang] (1965) Tacoma, WA
25 The Glass Family - "Teenage Rebellion" [Sidewalk] (1967) Los Angeles, CA
26 The Real List - "Pick Up The Marbles" [CP] (1966) PA
27 The Syndicate - "Love Will Take Away" [Dore] (1965) Los Angeles, CA

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cryptacize said...

downloading it now! can't wait to listen!

Anonymous said...

keep up the great job your doing many thanks cool comps

Anonymous said...

these rare cuts are wonderfull thanx

MDS said...

Ohmygosh... all of you are wonderful !! Thanks for the support ! More comps a-comin'.

glenn said...

It's always a thrill to find a great site, thank you! And the excellent quality and tagging is appreciated. I bookmarked you on my site. Keep it up!

MDS said...

Thanks, Glenn ! I did the same for yours ! Homemade comps are the best !

Lee de Parade said...

Fantastic compilation! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Glad I found this on google .

Unknown said...

Really cool blog thank u for existing, by any chance would you be able to identify this track?

Josef Koukoutsakis said...

Very good comp.definitely justifies the title.Contains some f* CLASSIC stuff,such as:You re(almost)tuff/the hill/aint goin nowhwere/wont get far."you got me signed" by ROCK GARDEN is a f* top garage,which i hear for the first time with outstanding vocals!!!!!I dont like "blues theme",neither in words nor without words.I believe Davie Allan instros are all f* average.The f* CLASSIC instro "dont lose your mind" by CALAXIES IV(PEBBLES VOL.11) worth more than all Davie Allan instros together!!!!!!With your permission, i have to recommend the following stuff: 1)GALAXIES IV dont lose your mind 2)MIKE EVANS gruesome 3)JADE i m leaving you 4)YETTI-MEN my baby left me 5)WANDERERS higher education 6)UNTOUCHABLES come on baby 7)WILD COLONIALS get the picture 8)BLUE CHIPS where 9)ADRIAN LLOYD lorna 10)ROY HEAD you re(almost)tuff 11)ROY HEAD tush hog 12)CHANTS R&B i m your witchdoctor 13)BILLY RAT & FINKS all american 14)EPICS humpty dumpty 15)DEAN CARTER rebel woman 16)FOUR BITS & TAX you cant sit d. 17)FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS my g.sue 18)WALLY SHOOP & FUBAR evening in the city 19)TRIUMPHS lovin cup 20)WRONG NUMBERS gonna go now 21)MOUSE & BOYS xcedrin headache69 22)MOVEMENT green night 23)TROPICS you better move 24)CLEFS i can only give you ever. 25)TONY WORSLEY how can it be 26)RAY COLUMBUS & ART COLLECTION kick me 27)JIMMY & STRANGERS walk on 28)SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION freaky girl 29)JASON MERRICK & FINDERS i m not what you are 30)JOHNNY THOMPSON QUINTET color me columbus