Saturday, November 14, 2009

Guest comp: Rascalized ! by Jeanpop2

Rascals-inflected cuts and other garage soul delights from the godlike Jeanpop2. Listen to (or podcast) his rad radio show every Wednesday from 8:30PM-10:00PM French time (11:30AM-1:00PM PST) here !

01 Giant Crab - "It Started With A Little Kiss" (1967) Santa Barbara, CA
02 The Buckinghams - "Love Ain't Enough" (1966) Chicago, IL
03 The Caravelles - "Self-Service" (1966) Phoenix, AZ

04 Little Willie & The Adolescents - "Looking For Love" (1967) Orlando, FL
05 The Myddle Class - "Who Does He Love" (196?) Summit, NJ

06 Five Cards Stud - "Beg Me" (1967) New Haven, CT
07 The Hassles - "Every Step I Take (Every Move I Make)" (1967) New York, NY

08 The Vagrants - "I Can't Make A Friend" (1966) Forest Hills, NY
09 The Solitary Confinement - "A Winner Never Quits" (1968) Detroit, MI
10 Aesop's Fables - "Take A Step" (1967) Hampstead, NY
11 The Soul Survivors - "Expressway To Your Heart" (1967) Philadelphia, PA
12 The Illusion - "I Love You, Yes I Do" (1969) Long Island, NY
13 The Uniques - "I'll Do Anything" (1967) Springhill, LA
14 Daze Between - "Every Little Raindrop" (1967) New York, NY
15 The Warlox - "You Can't Win" (1967) Alexandria, VA

16 The Bad Boys - "Love" (1966) Frederick, MD
17 The 5c Stamp - "Gotta' Go Now" (1968) Eastaboga, AL
18 The Five Emprees - "Mama Didn't Know" (1966) Benton Harbor, MI

19 Larry Knight & The Upsetters - "Hurt Me" (1966) Detroit, MI
20 The Bougalieu - "When I Was A Children" (1967) Albany, NY
21 Soul, Inc. - "Love Me When I'm Down" (1968) Louisville, KY

22 The Blue Beats - "Extra Girl" (1966) Danbury, CT
23 The Spectrums - "I'll Never Fear" (1966) Newark, NJ
24 Gary & The Knight Lites - "I Don't Need Your Help" (1966) Cicero, IL
25 The Yo Yo's - "Leaning On You" (196?) Memphis, TN

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vega said...

Thanks for this post,only just found this blog,great stuff,keep it up.

Jeanpop2 said...

MDS is a godess, I'm a god, you're right Vega (Alan ? Suzanne ?).

ms. xtro said...

just found your blog/mixes looking for music by the giant crab. gee whiz, do they all look terrific! and good on you for showing the love to "it started with a little kiss" ... that so shoulda been a smash hit! now i wanna catch up on all the cool mixes you've posted! thanx!

Josef Koukoutsakis said...

Never liked the Rascals.A very mediocre and boring band.Fortunately this stuff here is much better than the Rascals crap.For example "when i was a children" by BOUGALIEU worth more than all Rascals shit!!!!!On this comp. you could ve put the f* CLASSIC "its one thing to say" by the RIDDLES!!!!! It suits with the style of the bands.This f* MASTERPIECE worth more than Rascals lifes!!!!! So dig the comp. f* the Rascals!!!!!