Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dark Clouds, Vol. 4

Let's ring in the new decade with yet another volume to add to the Dark Clouds series.
Happy Melancholy New Year everyone! Listen and weep -

01 The Smubbs - "Down On The Corner" [ABC Paramount] (1966) New York, NY
02 The Dynamics - "All She Said" [Jerden] (1966) Seattle, WA

03 The Beau-Jives - "Something's Wrong" [Tamio] (196?) U.S.A.
04 The Invaders - "Cryin' All Night Long" [TMS] (1967) U.S.A.

05 The Grodes - "I've Lost My Way" [Rally] (1966) Phoenix, AZ
06 Terry Randall - "Tell Her" [Valiant] (1966) Los Angeles, CA
07 The Dangs - "Lil' Girl" [RBP] (196?) U.S.A.
08 Leaping Ferns - "It Never Works Out For Me" [X-P-A-N-D-E-D Sound] (1965) Los Angeles, CA
09 Charlotte And Emily - "Love Not Have I" [New Voice] (196?) New York, NY

10 The Distant Cousins - "Empty House" [Date] (1967) New York, NY
11 The Dolphins - "I Should Have Stayed" [Yorkshire] (1966) Larchmont, NY
12 Robb London & The Rogues - "Bitter Tears" [Beckingham] (1965) San Antonio, TX

13 The Satins - "The Lonely One" [Aldon] (1967) New York, NY
14 The Era Of Sound - "Stay With Me" [Delta] (1966) Espanola, NM
15 The Fabulous Four - "Now You Cry" [Coral] (1966) Kansas City, MO
16 The Tuesday Club - "A Goddess In Many Ways" [Unknown label] (1967) U.S.A.
17 The Five Tymes - "Hold Me Now" [Bear] (1965) Duluth, MN
18 The Monacles - "You'll Do It Again" [Variety Films] (1966) Garden Grove, CA
19 The Remains - "But I Ain't Got You" [Epic] (1965) Boston, MA
20 The High & The Mighty - "Trying To Stop Cryin'" [ABC] (1966) Detroit, MI
21 The Avlons - "Mad Man's Fate" [Pyramid] (196?) Toccoa, GA
22 The Other Half - "I Won't Be Back" [Bell Sound] (196?) U.S.A.

23 The Strangers - "Plan On Someone New" [Jubilee] (1965) U.S.A.
24 Those Boys - "The Only Girl" [FED] (1966) Houston, TX

25 The Fugitives - "Don't Pretend" [Trophy] (196?) Portland, OR
26 The Travelers - "Libby" [Prism] (1966) Dayton, OH
27 The Other Side Of Time - "What Ya Gonna Do" [R.S.D.] (196?) U.S.A.

28 The Fogcutters - "Cry Cry Cry" [Liberty] (1965) Denver, CO
29 The Embermen Five - "My Love For You Won't Die" [Studio City] (1967) Minot, ND

30 The Mourning Formation - "Rider" [Pinpoint] (196?) U.S.A.

Download Vol. 4 -----> HERE

Find the first three volumes -----> HERE

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Anonymous said...

marry me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

NO ...
Me first !!!

Anonymous said...

nice collection, a lot of good tracks on it! Thanks Again

David said...

I really enjoy this series; this volume in particular. But I'd love to learn/read more about those "unconventional" instruments. Your autoharp story was one of the most interesting articles I've ever read on a blog! Really awesome!
Thanks for these comps, Michelle!
P.S: marry me?

Anonymous said...

Groovy tunes. ur the tops bb. thanks. Skippy

Anonymous said...

....really don't think to do a sequel...? anyway, thanks a lot for a great moments

baci da Milano

PS.: mi vuoi sposare?

jimmi said...

I notice you have The Smubbs on the tracklist. I knew these guys when I lived in Long Island in the 60s. I even played with the drummer and guitarist in another group. There were great groups on Long Island in the 60s. The Down 5 were friends of mine also and their record "I'm Takin' it Home" (produced by Ellie Greenwich on the Parrot label) was great. I played in a band called Mud in Your Eye (with the bassist and organist from Aesop's Fables (who also appear on your compilation). We recorded in the same studio as the Smubbs. Later we formed The Laughing Dogs & recorded for Atlantic & Columbia.
Good to see some of these groups here on your compilations.

caveman78 said...

hey friend congratulations ! great blog and great sounds , i love your serie "Dark Clouds"i'am sick of garage-moody sounds ! sire i follow you post, good luck !

MDS said...

Whoa ! Thanks everyone for the nice comments and proposals !
Since I'm not Mormon, I'll accept the first one who sends me The Cornerstones - You Rule Me / Our Love Is All Through 45 on Metrobeat. You bring me such dowry and I'm yours until the end of time !

Jimmi - I know who you are, and am honored that you came across my blog. You'll notice that New York is represented a great deal in my comps. The productions were beautifully arranged/orchestrated and incredibly sophisticated. I dig immensely. Thanks for stopping by !

MichaelVee & caveman78 - mille grazie ! I'm a fan of both of your blogs and will add the links to my page !

collin said...

Your Dark Clouds posts are just incredible...I've been discovering seriously hot shit within their depths, Thanks! Keep them going if you can. I didn't see it within your comps, but have you heard the tune "Send for me" by Gordon? It's on mix #5 on Dan's Garage...Check it out! It'll totally melt you away! And would fit in well on your next Dark Clouds mix. Well, thanks again...I'll keep updated on your site for sure.

collin said...

Hi Again,
I can't thank you enough, now that I've had some time to completely digest these Dark Clouds compilations. They're the real deal. I do a radio show on in Missoula, Montana and I dug deep within these mixes and found some great stuff, the small audience was thrilled. If you're ever in these parts get in touch, and I'll show you all the Montana 45rpm hot spots.

1966forever said...

many thanks! Your blog is simply dynamite!


dayglo said...

Charlotte And Emily - "Love Not Have I" [New Voice] (196?) New York, NY

Wow! What a fantastic song! Where has that song been all my life?
--Collin in Florida

Max Myndblown said...

Hi Michelle,
A very cool comp. Here's some addenda for ya....
03 The Beau-Jives – (1965) Los Angeles, CA.
04 The Invaders – (July 1967) Omaha, NE.
07 The Dangs – CA
09 Charlotte & Emily – (October 1965)
16 Tuesday Club – [Philips] (August 1967) Grand Junction, CO. > TX.
Title mis-spelt on label as “A Godess...” . Band originally from Salt Lake City, UT. and known as Garfield Air Mattress, later became Fargo (45 on Capitol and LP on RCA).
21 The Avlons (August 1966) label typo, band was The Avalons, later The Voxmen.
22 The Other Half – (1966) Oneonta, NY.
25 The Fugitives – (1966) Home Town, OR.
27 The Other Side Of Time – (May 1967) Denver, CO.
30 The Mourning Formation – (September 1968) El Paso, TX.

Josef Koukoutsakis said...

Really worth it to go up here.The f* best DARK CLOUD of all i ve heard so far!!!!!Very few i know in this:5,13,28,29.ALSO LIKED:1,2,7,12,21.BEST SONGS:"tell her" by TERRY RANDALL(the guy had an average song on HIGHS)."love not have i" by CHARLOTTE & EMILY,f* genius stuff,an apology for what matters most in this f* miserable life.And "stay with me" by ERA OF SOUND,a f* perfect example of psychedelic-punk.Those f* assholes of Prunes(Elevators,Seeds,CWB,etc) never could write such a f* great song!!!!!!The conclusion is the following:If you can write a gem like "stay with me",then you re a f* genius.If you dont,then you suck!!!!!By the way,check out the 2 f* MASTERPIECES "leave me alone" by YO YOZ and "happiness" by DIRK HAMILTON,both from Sacramento.

Robert said...

I enjoy these volumes of Dark Clouds, moody '60's garage !!
Thanks for making them !

Maura Nolan said...

Michelle, thank you for the play on Dark Clouds, Vol.4. I'm Charlotte of Charlotte & Emily's "Love Not Have I" Max Myndblower was right - it was 1965. Produced and arranged by the great Bob Crewe; but written by me (Maura Nolan) as a 15 year old, in 15 minutes with my acoustic guitar. He transformed it! Thank you to those who posted their love for it! It is on YouTube under this title (though a British singer named Carol Deene did a cover). A Ukranian videomaker named BigRed put a video together of Russian images until the very end when it closes with a picture of ME!!! Thanks to all again!