Monday, March 1, 2010

Guest comp: Haunters by Jeanpop2

Originally released in February of 2009, Jeanpop2's amazing comp focuses on beautiful, sometimes eerie-sounding - but not scary - haunters from all over the world. Despite a couple of repeat offenders (from Dark Clouds and Autoharp comps), this might be one of my favorite homemade comps, with an impressively resplendent mix of garage, psych, pop, folk, and soul. Give it a whirl !

01 William Penn & The Quakers - "Ghost Of Monks" (1966) Boise, ID
02 The Clue - "She's The Reason" (1967) Midland, TX
03 Kenny & The Kasuals - "As I Knew" (1967) Dallas, TX
04 Paul Martin - "It Happened" (1966) NY
05 Pussyfoot - "Hasty Words" (1967) London, UK
06 Chris Lucey - "Girl From Vernon Mountain" (1966) Tuscon, AZ
07 Reuben Bell & The Casanovas - "It's Not That Easy" (1967) Shreveport, LA
08 Derby-Hatville - "Turn Into Earth" (1967) Lubbock, TX
09 Flower Power - "Stop" (1967) Melbourne, FL
10 The Dhag Dhag's - "Tipo Sicodelico" (1968) La Paz, Bolivia
11 Brym Stonz Ltd - "Times Gone By" (1967) Tyler, TX
12 The H.T.3 - "I'm The One" (196?) Minneapolis, MN
13 The Juniors - "Lost Friend" (196?) Athens, Greece
14 Mad Lads - "Everything Is Blue" (196?) Hawarden, IA
15 Normie Rowe - "Going Home" (1967) Melbourne, Australia
16 The Mojos - "What She's Done To Me" (1966) Hurricane, WV
17 New Colony Six - "The Time Of Year Is Sunset" (1966) Chicago, IL
18 The Moxies - "I Must Apologize" (1965) Paducah, KY
19 The Nightcrawlers - "The Last Ship" (1966) Daytona Beach, FL
20 The Redcoats - "Words Of Wisdom" (1965) Wildwood, NJ
21 Diamond Joe - "Fair Play" (1963) New Orleans, LA
22 The Savages - "Quiet Town" (1965) Bermuda
23 The Spiders - "Yves" (196?) Tokyo, Japan
24 Johnny's Guitar - "Supannahong" (1965) Bangkok, Thailand
25 The Syndicats - "On The Horizon" (1965) London, UK
26 Uncivilized - "Back Again" (196?) U.S.A.
27 Yabancilar - "Agit" (1967) Ankara, Turkey
28 The Fantastic Dee-Jays - "The Love Of Ours" (1966) McKeesport, PA
29 Virgil Griffin - "A Forgotten Lover" (196?) Greenville, MS
30 The Persuaders - "Whispering Surf" (196?) NY

Download 'Haunters' --------> HERE !!


Jeffers66 said...

Lots of great tunes on here.

vega said...

Looking forward to this many thanks for this post,keep on keeping on!!

MDS said...

Thanks guys. This one's a gem... and it ain't even mine !
Funny, Vega. I just said "keep on keeping on" to a friend just a minute ago !

Jeanpop2 said...

You guys have the Curtis power !

What a nice comp ! The guy who did it must have exquisite taste.

Jeanpop2 said...

Repeat offenders ! What da fuck ??? It's untrue !

I even heard someone took the Flower Power song from my comp to include it in another one called "Jeff's moody monsters".

The Bomber said...

Gimmmeee sssooommmeee fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... ouh yeah...

bring it on!!!

Cheers mate

Esmenard Victor said...

A great selection. All titles are great, and the "subject" was a bit difficult.

A masterpiece in compilation !

Jeanpop2 said...

Thank you !!!

LinkJr said...

lovely melancholic and beautiful and a rather great listen!

Anonymous said...

Hey MDS, when you gonna give us another comp?

Anonymous said...

off for (located outside of the U.S.)
not possible to add 1 from pandora for know ?
thank in advance

DefChef said...

Y'know, since this is like almost a year old post, I figured the link would be deader than Allie Lohan's "music" career...but thankfully the link is working....dunno about Allie tho'...thanks for puttin' it up there!

Anonymous said...

GrEAT blog//
love the sounds//


Ruby 2sd4y said...

on a random search for a band I came across your site. I also found a similar one you might wanna check out:

kudos to you for collecting and sharing all this great music!

Anonymous said...

Hello, loving the blog!

Some new garage sound you may be interested in on youtube!

Willy Moon 'I Wanna Be Your Man'

Beth Behr said...

Thank you for sharing.

-flower delivery Shreveport, LA

Josef Koukoutsakis said...

I m startin to get tired,Michelle.Where s the volume 4?Here i see that you ve included the Greeks JUNIORS.The f* BEST song ever released in Greece in the 60s, is called "είναι πολύ αργά"(it s too late),sang by the memorable ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ ΖΩΡΑΣ!!!!!!Sometime i ll write the F* BEST 46 Greek songs of the 60s!!!!!!The style played by the Greeks was garage plus a f* unique type of psychedelic pop.Not as good as the Americans but nevertheless it was f* interesting!!!As for the song "lost friend"(a good song)was recorded in 1966 and was dedicated to the memory of the bass player killed in a car accident in 1965.Instead of "on the horizon" by SYNDICATS,dig the same song by JOHNNY SANDON & REMO FOUR(from Liverpool).Many f* horizons away!!!!!!MOXIES are the same GODS who wrote the ALL TIME F* CLASSIC "i m gonna stay".In this f* MASTERPIECE you can hear THE BEST GUITAR SOLO EVER PLAYED in the entire history of music!!!!!Hendrix himself bowed in front of the MOXIES!!!!!Check out on YouTube "you gotta understand" by THE EXPRESS(GODS of fuzz).There i wrote THE 37 F* BEST GARAGE-PUNK SONGS released in the f* 60s.Fuck!Just i got a call from the man(ADRIAN LLOYD).---What the fuck did you do in that band,ADRIAN?---Unfortunately it wasnt the man himself but his ghost!!!

Mr. J said...

Outstanding...I'm truly loving this! Thanks so much for making my Friday!

mroth8 said...

Thanks for all the tunes! please re-up this if possible.. copy/pasting to youtube :(