Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sax In The Garage!!

(photo courtesy of http://pnwbands.com/)

Who doesn't love loud, hot sax? Whether it be a rad riff or badass solo, you can never have too much sax!

Now before you get turned off (or on!) let me make it clear this isn't the latest release from John Tesh!

01 The Nocturnals - "Because You're Gone" (1965) Vancouver, BC
02 The Reactors - "Do That Thing" (1967) Suffolk, VA
03 The Knights - "Those Things You Do" (1965) Albuquerque, NM
04 The Blazers - "Lovin' To Do" (1966) Kansas City, MO
05 The Sants - "Leaving You, Baby" (1966) AL
06 Clap - "Bluff 'Em All" (1971) Manhattan Beach, CA
07 One Eyed Jacks - "Love" (1967) Champaign, IL
08 What's Happening - "Baby, You're Hurtin' Me" (196?) USA
09 The Vandaliers - "She's Mine" (1964) Toledo-Cleveland, OH
10 The Dominions - "I Need Her" (1966) Eugene, OR
11 Thee Midniters - "Looking Out A Window" (1967) East Los Angeles, CA
12 The Rumblers - "I Don't Need You No More" (1962) Norwalk, CA
13 The Jujus - "I'm Cryin'" (1966) Grand Rapids, MI
14 The Esquires - "Sadie's Ways" (1965) Jonesboro, AR
15 The Imperials - "Crossfiring" (196?) Seattle, WA
16 The Four A While - "Low Class Man" (1966) Charleston, IL
17 The Galaxies - "I'm A Worker" (1965) Tacoma, WA
18 Stairways - "Don't You Care" (196?) PA
19 The Futuras - "Hurt" (1966) Cleveland, OH
20 Phil & The Frantics - "Say What You Will" (1965) Phoenix, AZ
21 The Break-Outs - "Are You Mad At Me?" (1964) Greenup, KY
22 The Plague - "The Face Of Time" (1966) Thunder Bay, ON
23 The Wheel Of Fortune - "Long Long Day" (1967) Salem, OR
24 Wayne & The Impressions - "I Saw You" (1965) Pottsville, PA
25 The Five Of A Kind - "Never Again" (1965) Fort Worth, TX
26 Freddie & The Swingin' Bachelors - "You Had Your Chance" (196?) USA
27 The Dynamic Deadbeats - "No Second Chance" (196?) Philadelphia, PA
28 Banshees - "So Hard To Bear" (1965) Burlingame, CA
29 The Epicureans - "Baby Be Mine" (1966) Fairmont, MN
30 The Executioners - "The Guillotine" (1965) Youngstown, OH

(photo courtesy of http://pnwbands.com/)

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Jerome said...

sweet tunes! even if it did take you a year.

MDS said...

Thanks, dude! It won't happen again.

YankeeBoy said...

Wow, you sure did come back with a bang! Can't wait to hear this. Welcome back - don't be such a stranger.

michael vee said...

.. good job , Milady, great selection, much appreciated

thanks a lot and best greetings from Italy


PS why don't you make it over here, I stil want to marry you....

MDS said...

Thanks so much, YankeeBoy! I promise not to dilly dally with the posts.

Ahh, Michael Vee, you're so sweet... I am blushing all shades of red! Thank you again! If I dig your newest Fab Four comp, then marriage shall be considered :)

David W. said...

Hey, great sounds as always, Michelle. I can always rely on you to keep me saxually satisfied!

MDS said...

haha no sweat, Dave! Glad I could provide you with some sweet sweet saxual healing.

jose kortozirkuito said...

¡¡Que bien que me lo he pasado!!

MDS said...

muchisimas gracias y mucho gusto!

Anonymous said...


MDS said...

Aww, LOVE YOU too!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful!! I've never had Sax In The Garage, so thanks for, er, blowing away my cherry...

Cheers - d.

MDS said...

No sweat. Glad you enjoyed it as much as i did! :)

Josef Koukoutsakis said...

Songs i knew:5,7,10,11,12,13,14,20,22,25,29,or rather to write them i havent heard!!!Firstly,the musical instruments that may be used in a garage(psychedelic)song are the basics,that is to say:guitar,bass,drums and keyboards(sometimes the harmonica).All other musical instruments are forbitten,unless if the song has a f* good melody,as with certain stuff of this comp.:"i need her","i m cryin","i dont need you no more"etc.By the way,do you know what ADRIAN LLOYD did exactly as a member of that f* band?I always had the f* curiosity what the hell the man did!!!!!But dont bother to ask him,neither he does remember!!!!!Where he lives now?In the suburbs of London or somewhere in California?After sax in the garage what s next?Sex in the garage?However,the comp is pretty good although you forgot the f* CLASSIC "all i need is you" by SHADDEN & THE KING LEARS!!!!!