Thursday, August 13, 2009

Collaboration: Big Town Boys - The Toronto Sound (1963-76), by MJH & MDS

Ohh Canada!

Myself and Michael J. Hawkins present 'Big Town Boys,' dedicated to Toronto's rad music scene from the early 60's - mid 70's. Enjoy!

01 The Secrets - "Cryin' Over Her" (1966)
02 The Underworld - "Love 22" (1968)
03 A Passing Fancy - "I Believe In Sunshine" (1967)
04 The Quiet Jungle - "Ship Of Dreams" (1967)
05 Stitch In Tyme - "Point Of View" (1966)
06 The 5 Rising Sons - "She Just Likes Me" (1966)
07 The Fringe - "Token For My Mind" (1968)
08 The Threads Of Fybre - "Believe Me" (1967)
09 The Canadian Squires - "Leave Me Alone" (1965)
10 Levon & The Hawks - "He Don't Love You" (1965)
11 The Ugly Ducklings - "That's Just A Thought That I Had In My Mind" (1966)
12 The Magic Cycle - "It Was You" (1967)
13 The Big Town Boys - "It Was I" (1965)
14 The Five Shy - "Try To Be Happy" (1968)
15 The Scarlet Ribbon - "Four In The Morning" (1968)
16 The Berries - "Night Winds" (1965)
17 The Shays - "This Hour Has Seven Days" (1966)
18 (Those) Rogues - "Wish I Could See You Again" (196?)
19 East African Fair - "I Won't Stare" (196?)
20 East African Fair - "Lovin' Every Little Thing You Do" (196?)
21 Little Caesar & The Consols - "If (I Found A New Girl)" (1963)
22 Ronnie Hawkins - "It's Alright" (1976)
23 R. Dean Taylor - "Indiana Wants Me" (1970)

Feedback is always welcom. Thanks!

Download 'Big Town Boys' -----> HERE !!


Anonymous said...

these comps are really good keep them up!! thank you

Mike said...

It was nice partnering with you... in the "professional" sense!

MDS said...

Thanks, Anon !

Likewise, Mike, likewise. But I can't believe we left out the Folklords !!! I just plum forgot. Oh well. They'll have their moment on the next comp :)

Jeanpop2 said...

wow !

One comp a day keeps the yellow bastards away...


Downloading it right now !

Anonymous said...

More please more Thanks BJ

Nate V. said...

Great selection, M&M. Thanks for opening my ears to new old music every day. I'm glad to know you both.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, It's been a long time, Will we see any new Comps in the future? Hope so!

MDS said...

It has. I've been busy (lazy). You'll see a new comp soon. As soon as tomorrow ! Thanks for the encouragement !

waxhound said...


This comp looks great!

Unfortunately, the links seems to be dead.

Would it be possible to re-upload it to please?

Many thanks.

Marc (Canada)

MDS said...

Oh man, sorry about that, Marc. Thanks for letting me know about the bum link. It's now fixed and should be alive and kickin!

waxhound said...


Thank you! Downloading it now...


Marc (Canada)
Not really my last name, ha ha ha!

Josef Koukoutsakis said...

BEST STUFF EVER released in Canada:1)the f* insuperable psych punk "tears in my eyes" by ONE WAY STREET 2)the f* unique psychedelic ballad "souvenir" and 3)the f* classic fuzzed out punk "nice try", both by FRANCOIS GUY & LES SINNERS!!!!!!!!!!Also to mention (among others), the f* awesome punk "get away from it all" by NORTHWEST COMPANY,the all time f* classic insro "the beginning" by THE COLLECTORS and the fuzz punk anthem "a someday fool" by MG & ESCORTS, with GRAHAM POWERS on the f* ripping vocals.Now,about BIG TOWN BOYS i have to say it s an average comp.I expected to hear a lot better than this.The truth is that i dont know many f* bands from Toronto,however i would like on that list "mama" instead of "believe me","executive dream" instead of "token for my mind" and "girl" in place of "wish i could see you again"!!!!!

LaserGuided WhiteHaus said...

Hah! Amazing how stuff ripples out across time. I used to date/live with the daughter of one of the guys from The Big Town Boys....back in the eighties, in art school. Met her a couple of years back on a city bus; I was grumpy. Should've asked how her dad was doing. He was still playing, last I saw him...had a nice Gibson SG. I think he was a sheet metal worker. I'm still in Toronto. It's still a big town.