Monday, January 9, 2012

Check out Cosmic Bonfire, the mixtape I made for the Bold Italic

Happy New Year, friends! I've rung in the new year with some cross-pollinating, and created a mystic, lite-psych mix (of mostly old and several new) for San Francisco's Bold Italic, Mixtape Monday series -

Thanks to Nikki Grattan for the beautiful photo and write-up!



james k. said...

aw yeah!

Anonymous said...

wish i could find the link for these gems

Darren Thomas Brennessel said...

Here is my new album for you to enjoy and thanks for your kind posts of great music!

Michelle said...

Fantastic!! Thanks so much, Darren.

Michael Hawkins said...

You are breadth of magical musical knowledge, and Pandora is lucky to have you.
P.S. where's the new comp you promised?

Michelle said...

The new comp is close to completion, but in limbo, as my inspiration/muse continues to misbehave: it's sunny, warm, dry, perfect beach weather. This poses a huge problem! :)
But soon! Next week even!

Michelle said...

P.S. And thanks for the sweet words, tumbleweed! Takes me a sec to warm up to compliments... but you knew that already ;) Heart. Warmed.

Michael Hawkins said...

Ha! Yes. Yes I did.

Josef Koukoutsakis said...

Do you accept negative criticism or you want everyone to agree with you?I guess the fist.The truth is that i didnt like the comp.All songs are mediocre."Obeath man" has some f* great vocals,but nothing more than that.The guy could sing acappella!!!Nobody would object to this!!!Prunes and Elevators are overrated.People gave them more value than they really deserved.In the f* 60s were hundreds of bands above those idiots.You yourself proved it with DARK CLOUDS!!!!!That s why my dear Michelle,keep lookin inside the garage for f* unknown stuff and leave aside the well known mediocrity.